Susan and Doug at the end of a Warrior Dash run
Doug Farrell
Web Developer - Programming Teacher - Artist - Cyclist



Hello everyone, my name is Doug Farrell and this is my website. I'm putting this together for a couple of reasons. The first is to host content for the Python classes I'm teaching, which makes the class notes easy to access at the various class locations for myself and the students. The other is just to play around with, and show off, some technology stuff I'm enjoying and using.

This site is hosted by and is run by a Flask applicaiton I've built. Flask is a web development micro framework for Python that's fairly easy to use and powerful. The static content (the presentation and programming class notes) are served by directly so my Flask application only serves the dynamic content requests.

Eventually I'd like to have this site display pictures from my Instagram and Facebook account using their API's. I'd also like to provide some API's just to play around with Ajax and REST, and perhaps websockets. Long term I've got some plans to sell some stuff on this site, but we'll see how that goes. Stay tuned!

The layout of this home page uses Bootstrap and a free theme called freelancer that I think is pretty nice. I've modified it for my use and to use Bootstrap version 3.3.4.

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